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    Chinese version
    Ejiao jujube series
    Disposable jujube series
    Gift series dates
    Jujube juice concentrate series
    Cake fillings series
    High-end health products
    Jujube juice series
    Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd.
    Zip code:253600
    Phone:   0534-6889663
    Fax:     0534-6889661
    Jinan Office Phone:
    Address:Leling City,Shandong Province,NO. 79  Westadvance
    %u70B9%u51FB%u8FD9%u91CC%u7ED9%u6211%u53D1%u6D88%u606F %u70B9%u51FB%u8FD9%u91CC%u7ED9%u6211%u53D1%u6D88%u606F

        Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd. As dezhou Jiacheng group's wholly-owned subsidiary which was established in 2010 August. located in Leling City, the West Road No. 79, covers an area of 317 mu,The total investment is 250000000 yuan. The company has been rated as Shandong Province focus on theindustrialization of agriculture leading enterprises

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    Leling Derun Health Food Co., Ltd.  2013  Copyright phone??0534-6889663  Fax??0534-6889661 Address??Leling City, Shandong Province, No. 79 West advance

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